Production Refinishing Service: Touch of Class

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THIS IS A REFINISHING SERVICE ONLY. The knife in the picture is for reference only and is not included with this refinishing package.


Your knife is a statement. Yes it’s a great tool that you use all the time, but you see beauty in function and want your knife to look as snappy as it action. Although you appreciate a simple clean aesthetic, you don’t want to be basic. Turn heads and make your friends jealous Chris's signature finish.

What You Get

  • Two tone anodized finish on the Titanium handle scales
  • Polished and heat colored or anodized screws
  • Orange Peeled anodized pocket clip
  • Bright Matte blade finish
  • Fresh Ferrum Forge Edge

Color Options:

  • -California: Dark Blue base with Bronze accents
  • -Poseidon: Molted blue/aqua base with Bronze accents
  • -Royal: Purple base with Bronze accents
  • -Statue of Liberty: Bright Green base with Bronze accents
  • -Coral Reef Finish: Bright Purple base with Blue accents​ (Backspacer and Clip blue)

How it works:

  1. You select the color you want and purchase the service.
  2. We will confirm your order and provide shipping instructions
  3. Ship your knife to us and we will confirm receipt
  4. We work our magic, resharpen, and ship your knife back to you 


​Disclaimer: This refinishing service is for Ferrum Forge Made in CA, Pro Series, and Ferrum Forge Designs branded products. We will not customize other knives. Shipping to the shop in San Diego is at your own risk. Please allow 5-10 business days for us to complete the customization. Since each knife is customized one at a time by hand, each finish will be unique and may be slightly different than the image.