Kitchen Knife Care and Maintainence

Congratulations on your new Ferrum Forge!

Although knives are solid chunks of steel, they still need some care to get the most out of your knives

Care Recommendations:

  • Use Caution: You guessed it, the knife is sharp
  • Wash by hand right after use. To keep it looking as bright and shiny as possible, dry immediately.
  • Use a cutting board. Cutting boards protect your knife and help keep the knife sharper for longer. Wood cutting boards are the best option. Avoid plastic when possible. 
  • Use a honing rod and/or strop to keep the edge razor sharp. It will maintain the edge apex while removing little to no steel. Free sharpening is available whenever your knife needs a full re-sharpen. 
  • Do not put into the dishwasher.
  • Spotting and staining: Products like BarKeeper's Friend, Brasso, and other metal cleaners will remove surface staining and hard water scaling to bring back the knife's full polish and shine.

Please contact with any questions or to request sharpening service.