Allurus - Rockin' Statue of Liberty

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This Allurus features fully rock patterned scales, carbon fiber inlay, Statue of Liberty Finish, and Apocalyptic hardware. All screws, pocket clip, and blade spine are rocked out for a unique look and tactile experience. 

It all started with an Allurus, a grinder, and a craving. We spent some quality time in front of the grinder using a 1/2" wheel and 220 belts to painstakingly facet every square inch of the handles and spine of the blade. The freshly textured components head over to Chris's bench for final finishing.  Even though Elliot wanted an Apocalyptic finish (like he always does), Chris decided to add a little color with the Statue of Liberty finish. It's a combination of high voltage green anodizing and bronze anodized highlights to emphasize the rock pattern. We also went ahead and ground a rock pattern into the spine of the blade and gave it an Apocalyptic blade finish to sate the big guy.