Gent 2.0

Gent 2.0 Black G10

The story of the Gent starts back in 2016 when we teamed up with Drop (formerly MassDrop) for a cross brand collaboration. We designed a series of unique Drop x Ferrum Forge knives that they produced, but none would compare to the Gent. After the success of the first few models, Drop asked for a less aggressive design better suited for carrying in an office environment.  It was time for Elliot to break away from aggressive, "tactical" style and give the world his take on a modern, gentlemen's folding knife.  Not only did he accomplish his goal, he created the most popular, best selling knife that Drop ever sold.  

Ironically, Elliot didn't like the Gent after he rendered it in 3D. His artistic side screamed it was boring and too simple. Meanwhile, Chris, lacking that artistic side, saw the elegance in the simplicity and loved it. Drop cast the tie breaking vote and the Gent came to life. 

The Gent started our evolution toward slimmer, lighter, more pocket friendly, and less expensive knives. It was the first ever Ferrum Forge liner lock design and would eventually lead us to creating liner locks like the Stinger, Mini Archbishop, and Prolix. 

Unfortunately our collaboration with Drop ran its course and they discontinued the Gent. Now, we're bringing the Gent back as the Gent 2.0.  We added a dash more Ferrum Forge style and changed up the construction to match the rest of our liner lock models. 

We're happy to bring the Gent back home and make it a permanent addition to the Ferrum Forge line up.