Ferrum Forge Kitchen

Welcome to the Ferrum Forge Family.

Food is Love. Good food brings people together, makes them happy, and fuels life. There's nothing quite as tasty as food made with love. Your kitchen knives are the best tool you have to make meals easier, faster, more fun, and more delicious. 

We're brothers and family is the core of Ferrum Forge. Coming from an Italian background, food has always been synonymous with family.  Put our passion for knives and love of food together and you get Ferrum Forge Kitchen!

We took our over 10 years of experience making premium folding knives plus decades of cooking and applied it all into kitchen knives. From material choices, to functional design, you're getting the benefit of every bit of our experience and expertise. Our goal is to provide knives that you subconsciously grab every time so you can make the tastiest food possible. 

You use your kitchen knives more than any other knives, so why not use the perfect knife for you?

Each knife is designed to melt into your hand, making the knife an extension of your body. The handle shapes and bolster geometry organically place your hand into a safe, efficient cutting position so you can be the master of your kitchen. Every aspect of Ferrum Forge Kitchen knives is thoughtfully designed and crafted to give you the best experience. 

We're kicking off the new line of FF Kitchen knives with the 6" Chef-toku and 3.5" Utili-toku 

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