FF Kitchen: Chef-toku and Utili-toku Set

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Get ahead of the curve this year and get your Mother's Day gift in advance this year! 

Upgrade your kitchen knives with the Chef-toku and Utili-toku combo set.  Handle nearly 99% of your kitchen cutting with these two knives. You'll have the best tool you need, whether you're paring or peeling, or chopping and slicing. You'll get the 3.5" Utili-toku to handle small, precision, quick cuts and the 6" Chef-toku for general food prep and serving. 

These knives feature a stunning damascus blade with premium VG10 steel core to be beautiful while providing great edge retention, corrosion resistance, and ease of maintenance. The handle shape and bolster organically place your hand into a safe, efficient cutting position while the rounded heel on the blade eliminates that pesky pokey corner and accidental cuts. 

Tired of your loved ones' subpar knives? Give the gift of love. Food is love, knives make food, therefore knives are love. Show them how much you care by upgrading their kitchen knife game.