Makers' Choice Archbishop 3.0

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What happens when you let Elliot get into his happy place with a Dremel and titanium? Functional Art: Makers' Choice Archbishop 3.0!

Elliot starts all of his carvings with an idea and a simple layout on the titanium, then starts carving to turn simple lines into complex 3D geometries.  After hours and hours of the distinct high pitch whine of a Dremel, a xenomorphic, Geiger inspired creature emerged from the knife.  

Once Elliot finished the carving, he passed it off to Chris for the final finishing.  Chris combined various surface textures, high voltage anodizing, nano ceramic coating, and more to make the knife look alive.  

Every Makers' Choice is a one of a kind piece of functional art. There is only one of these in existence, so only one lucky person will get this knife.